Family Medicine
Full scope Family Medicine with care for all ages.
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Continuity of Care | Prescription Refills | Medical Cannabis | Lab Work | Work Permit Medical | Health Surveillance, | Hypertension Treatment | Diabetes Treatment | Prevention | Medical Screening | Respiratory Illness | Allergy | Skin Problems | Injury, Cuts, Lacerations | Acute Care | Chronic Disease Management | Care for Children | Care of the Elderly | Health Coaching | Minor Surgical Procedures | Healthy Longevity Interventions | Personalized Healthcare

Comfort Specialty MRI
Open - Silent - Weight-Bearing - In-Motion - The first open, weight bearing and in-motion MRI in Cayman Islands and the Caribbean.
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Open MRI | Dynamic MRI | In-motion MRI | Weight bearing MRI | Standup MRI | Standing MRI | Sedation-free MRI | Silent MRI

Pain Management
Our in-house pain management specialist state-of-the-art therapies for acute and chronic pain conditions.
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Migraine & other Headaches | Neck pain | Back pain | Joint pain | Fibromyalgia | Carpal tunnel syndrome | Torticollis | Nerve entrapment | Complex regional pain syndrome | Muscle spasm | Botox injection | Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment | Hyaluronic acid treatment | Corticosteroid injection | Nerve block

Orthopedic Specialty
Our affiliated group of specialized orthopedic surgeons covering all musculoskeletal conditions.
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Surgery | Joint Pain | Joint Injury | Joint Repair | Rotator Cuff Tear | Labral Tear | Muscle Tear | Ligament Tear | Ligament Repair | Lower Extremity | Upper Extremity | Joint Reconstruction | Joint Replacement | Shoulder surgery | Elbow surgery | Wrist Surgery | Hand Surgery | Hip Surgery | Knee Surgery | Foot Surgery | Ankle Surgery | Bone Fracture Treatment | Orthopedic Surgeon |

Physical therapy services providing help for any sports related injury or other musculoskeletal problems.
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Musculoskeletal (MSK) Disorders | Sports Medicine | Sports Injury | Rehabilitation | Pain Management | Long Term Recovery | Neuro Rehab | Cardiac Rehab | Acupuncture | Aquatic Therapy | Ai Chi | Acceptance Commitment Therapy | Mindfulness

Chiropractic services targeted to your specific needs.
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Diagnosis, treatment and prevention | Mechanical Disorders | Musculoskeletal System | Chiropractic | Spine Adjustment

Mental Health Support
Mental Health services - private and discreet.
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Mental Health Counseling | Psychotherapy | Drug and Alcohol Addiction | Anxiety / Fear | Depression / Sadness | Relationship Issues | Parent Issues | Family Issues | Grief | Difficult Life Changes | Addiction | Mental Health | Psychotherapist |


For GP/Family Medicine:
For our General Practice / Family Medicine services and work permit medicals, you can simply walk-in.

For all other clinical services:
Please call 623-1000 to make an appointment, or contact us through our contact form.

For MRI:
To make an appointment, please call 623-1000 or contact us through our contact form.

To shorten your waiting time, we encourage you to read and fill out the following forms before coming to your appointment:


Walk-In or by appointment - please call 623-1000

Monday - Friday: 7 AM to 7 PM

Saturday: 8 AM to 5 PM

Sunday: Closed

Cayman Medical - Setting new standards for Pain management and MRI imaging

Offering unique MRI services in the Cayman Islands:

  • Dynamic
  • In-Motion
  • Weight-Bearing
  • Physiologic Imaging
  • Open, Silent & Comfortable
  • Patient Comfort & Safety First
  • Low carbon footprint - Environment friendly
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  • No more feeling like laying in a coffin. This open, spacious MRI gives you the comfort and feeling as simply laying on a bed - without fear of narrow/tight spaces. This open setting allows to avoid sedation/taking medication to calm you down at all.

  • Dynamic imaging for improved accuracy. Imaging under dynamic conditions can show pathology (reason for your health concerns), otherwise not detected with a sstandard (static) MRI. This helps your doctor providing you with the best possible treatment.

  • Real-time MR Images not been possible before. Using our fast acquisition sequence, we are able to show the MR images (the inside of your body/area of concern) in real-time, which helps your doctor finding the reason for your health issues or confirming a suspected diagnosis. We are able to save and provide these dynamic imaging to your doctor also for later review.

  • Gravity is our friend! The first of its kind in the Cayman Islands and even the Caribbean, allowing imaging patients in laying as well as standing position. This is a more physiologic method and mimics the "real live" scenario when usually symptoms occur. Many symptoms and pathologies occur or are emphasized when the patient is in the weight-bearing position. Standard MRI often overlooks or underestimates reasons for e.g. back, hip or knee pain because usually it happens in an upright/weight bearing position. This could lead to receiving inadequate treatment. Adding the weight bearing method increases confidence for finding the right treatment for you.

  • Traditional, high field MRI, limited by its nature, is extremely loud, making it necessary to wear ear protection. Our silent MRI is barely audible, and the patient can even hold a regular conversation with our experienced MRI technologist during the exam. In addition, the unique physics of our MRI does not necessitate extreme cooling of the room, which increases your comfort level further.

  • This "Green" MRI system uses a fraction of the power employed by traditional MRIs, significantly decreasing our carbon footprint. We are proud of being able to provide not only the latest medical achievements to our patients but also protecting our nature at the same time. This MRI has one of the lowest energy consumptions on the market, compatible to a hair dryer. Yes: HAIR DRYER. And that's only while actively scanning. In standby modus, the consumption decreases to only 14% of its "work" consumption.

  • Our Patient and Doctor portal allows you and your doctor accessing your diagnostic imaging and reports at anytime. No more requests for prints or CDs or walk to the clinic necessary. Just login and be in control.

Family Medicine

Full Scope Family Medicine with Care for All Ages

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    • Acute Care
    • Chronic Disease Management
    • Care for Children
    • Care of the Elderly
    • Mental Health/Counselling
    • Health Coaching
    • Minor Surgical Procedures (including Joint Injections, Excisions, and Cryotherapy)
    • Early Medical Screening & Healthy Longevity Interventions
    • Work Permit Medicals
    • Concierge Medicine
    • Medical Cannabis
    • Visitor/Traveler Continuity of Care (Prescription Refills, Extensions)

Pain management targeted to your needs

Treating a broad spectrum of acute and chronic pain conditions.

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Orthopedic services by specialists

Offering a group of orthopedic specialists, each trained and subspecialized for specific joints

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Physical therapy services, providing help for any sports related injury or other musculoskeletal problems.

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  • Athletics, Sports injuries, Orthopedics rehab, Persistent pain

  • Upper & Lower Extremities, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Knee, Ankle

  • Craniocervical Junction, Cervical, Thoracic & Lumbar Spine, Sacroiliac Joints

  • Postoperative treatment, Acute and chronic injuries, After stroke and heart attack

Chiropractic services

Neck, spine and joint adjustment to alleviate your pain.

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  • Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine, Lumbar Spine, Sacrum, Sacroiliac joints

  • Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Fingers, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot, Toes, Extremities

Mental Health Counselling

Private and discrete support for mental health.

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Visitor's Medicine

Traveling? Enjoy your vacation with peace of mind

Walk in or call for a house visit (324-2424)

    • Allergic Reactions
    • Sea Urchin Injuries
    • Jellyfish Stings
    • Tropical Skin Conditions (rashes)
    • Burns
    • Respiratory Illnesses
    • Cuts/Laceration Repair

    • Full Scope Family Medicine
    • Care for All Ages
    • Continuity of Care
    • Prescription Refills, Extensions, including Medical Cannabis
    • Lab Work
    • Health Surveillance

Concierge Medical Services

Primary Care without waiting
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  • Now protect your health and peace of mind with a comprehensive plan for preventative medicine, acute care, chronic disease management, health coaching and urgent care in our brand new, state-of-the-art clinic or the comfort and convenience of your home.
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  • Benefits include:
    Personalized service and close follow-up
    24/7 phone and text access to Dr. Kwinter -- day or night
    Prompt service assurance
    Priority house calls on-demand
    Expedited diagnostic services
    Priority access to ancillary in-clinic services
    Private luxury waiting rooms in our calming, spa-like clinic
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  • Dr. Kwinter has treated thousands of patients of all ages with a wide range of problems.
    Has over 8,000 hours of high-acuity single-physician coverage ER experience.
    Is adept at managing complex medical workups as well as minor surgical special procedures.
    Having run a family practice with over 1,000 patients for nearly a decade he gained experience in managing nearly all common chronic conditions and many uncommon and rare diseases as well.
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  • Plan ahead so that help for any member of your family is just a phone call away, 24x7x365
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  • The Cayman Medical Center Team also includes radiologists, pain management specialist, orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractor, mental health counsellor, and registered nurses.
    In-house diagnostic services include MRI and ultrasound with additional services under active development.
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